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Cloud Control 12c (0/5) - An Overview

Cloud Control is very different from Grid Control 10g or 11g on the following side:
  • Cloud Control Installation
    Unlike Grid Control 11g, Cloud Control 12c does not need to install weblogic separately, it has weblogic inside.
  • User Interface
    The user interface of Grid Control 10g, 11g or dbconsole 10g, 11g are all very like the same, but Cloud Control changes a lot in look and feel.
  • Download Agent or Library Software
    You must download the agent software inside Cloud Control. Hence, you MUST provide MOS credentials in Cloud Control.
  • Agent Installation
    In Grid Control 10g or 11g, you must install the agent by yourself, but in Cloud control, it will proactively to install the agent on the targets according to OS credentials provided by DBA.
  • Wider Range of Manageable Objects
    Cloud Control is capable to manage more kinds of objects like host, middleware, cluster, listener, database, ASM, etc.
For more demonstrations, please refer to the following articles in this series:

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