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How to Resolve OGG-01754 Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT

  • Oracle


Saw error OGG-01754, when we tried to unregister an extract process from the database.

GGSCI (dbserver as ogg@orcl) 4> unregister extract e_erpapp database;

2023-12-17 09:00:03  ERROR   OGG-01754  Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT E_ERPAPP because the Extract is currently running. Stop the Extract and retry the command.

OGG-01754 means that the extract process is currently running, Oracle GoldenGate has no way to unregister it from the database.


You have to stop it first.

GGSCI (dbserver as ogg@orcl) 5> stop E_ERPAPP

Sending STOP request to EXTRACT E_ERPAPP ...
STOP request pending end-of-transaction (1 records so far).

GGSCI (dbserver as ogg@orcl) 6> info all

Program     Status      Group       Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt

EXTRACT     STOPPED     E_ERPAPP    00:00:02      00:00:11
EXTRACT     RUNNING     P_ERPAPP    00:00:00      00:00:10

Now you can unregister the extract safely.

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