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How to Resolve OGG-01751 Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT

  • Oracle


Saw error OGG-01751 when we tried to unregister an extract from the database.

GGSCI (dbs) 4> unregister extract erpapp_e database;

2023-12-17 08:57:27  ERROR   OGG-01751  Cannot register or unregister EXTRACT ERPAPP_E because no database login was provided. Use DBLOGIN to establish a connection.

OGG-01751 means that you need a session that connects to the database to do the unregistering operation. So you need DBLOGIN first.


The solution is obvious, you need to login to the database by DBLOGIN as indicated in the error message.

GGSCI (dbs) 5> dblogin userid ogg, password <ogg_password>
Successfully logged into database.

Now, please proceed your operation.

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