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How to Check if GoldenGate is in Classic or Integrated Mode

  • Oracle

Yes, it's really hard to know whether OGG is running in classic or integrated mode. However, I see a way to tell.

GGSCI (primary01) 2> info ERPAPP_E

EXTRACT    ERPAPP_E  Last Started 2022-11-15 08:46   Status RUNNING
Checkpoint Lag       00:00:00 (updated 00:00:01 ago)
Process ID           115833
Log Read Checkpoint  Oracle Redo Logs
                     2023-12-10 16:48:53  Thread 1, Seqno 50262, RBA 331209728
                     SCN 4.563172902 (17743042086)
Log Read Checkpoint  Oracle Redo Logs
                     2023-12-10 16:48:55  Thread 2, Seqno 44103, RBA 105759232
                     SCN 4.563172906 (17743042090)

If there's no "integrated" such keyword, it's classic mode.

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