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Where is oratab Location

Path to oratab

Here is the list to show Oracle oratab location in some operating systems.

oratab location in operating systems
Operating System oratab Location
Linux /etc/oratab
AIX /etc/oratab
HP/UX /etc/oratab
Solaris /var/opt/oracle/oratab
Windows In Windows, there's no such oratab, because it uses registry to keep all necessary information about Oracle database(s). Please refer to Oracle Software Registry (regedit)

Format of oratab

Let's see an example of oratab in Linux.

[oracle@test ~]$ cat /etc/oratab

One entry one instance and each filed is delimited by a semicolon (:).


The meanings of fields are decribed as below:

  • $ORACLE_SID: Which instance should be used.
  • $ORACLE_HOME: Which database software should be used.
  • Y or N: Do startup if "Y", otherwise don't start.

How to Use oratab

To know how to use oratab properly, you may like to read the following topics:

Please note that, newer RAC systems like 19c may Not contain useful information in oratab because Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) already has it.

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