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How to Resolve OGG-01154 Error Message

Updated some data but saw errors in REPLICAT log
GGSCI ( 28> view report ERPAPP_R
2017-04-30 19:09:47  WARNING OGG-01004  Aborted grouped transaction on 'HR.EMPLOYEES', Database error 1403 (OCI Erro
r ORA-01403: no data found, SQL <UPDATE "HR"."EMPLOYEES" x SET x."FIRST_NAME" = :a3 WHERE x."EMPLOYEE_ID" = :b0>).

2017-04-30 19:09:47  WARNING OGG-01003  Repositioning to rba 2615 in seqno 0.

2017-04-30 19:09:47  WARNING OGG-01154  SQL error 1403 mapping HR.EMPLOYEES to HR.EMPLOYEES OCI Error ORA-01403: no
data found, SQL <UPDATE "HR"."EMPLOYEES" x SET x."FIRST_NAME" = :a3 WHERE x."EMPLOYEE_ID" = :b0>.

As you can see, only parsed SQL statement is transported to the target database. Maybe, the transported trail is not sufficient enough for REPLICAT to reproduce the SQL.

Let's go back to the source OGG for adding the transaction data on mapping schema HR.
GGSCI ( 1> dblogin userid ogg, password ogg123
Successfully logged into database.

GGSCI ( as ogg@ora12c1) 2> info schematrandata hr

2017-04-30 19:12:04  INFO    OGG-01786  Schema level supplemental logging is disabled on schema HR.

GGSCI ( as ogg@ora12c1) 3> add schematrandata hr

2017-04-30 19:12:30  INFO    OGG-01788  SCHEMATRANDATA has been added on schema hr.

2017-04-30 19:12:30  INFO    OGG-01976  SCHEMATRANDATA for scheduling columns has been added on schema hr.

GGSCI ( as ogg@ora12c1) 4> info schematrandata hr

2017-04-30 19:13:03  INFO    OGG-06480  Schema level supplemental logging, excluding non-validated keys, is enabled on schema HR.

2017-04-30 19:13:03  INFO    OGG-01980  Schema level supplemental logging is enabled on schema HR for all scheduling columns.

2017-04-30 19:13:03  INFO    OGG-10462  Schema HR have 7 prepared tables for instantiation.

Reset the time that begins to sync and start REPLICAT again.
GGSCI ( 29> alter REPLICAT ERPAPP_R, begin now

2017-04-30 19:17:56  INFO    OGG-06594  Replicat ERPAPP_R has been altered through GGSCI. Even the start up position might be updated, duplicate suppression remains active in next startup. To override duplicate suppression, start ERPAPP_R with NOFILTERDUPTRANSACTIONS option.

REPLICAT altered.

GGSCI ( 30> start ERPAPP_R

Sending START request to MANAGER ...

GGSCI ( 31> info all

Program     Status      Group       Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt

REPLICAT    RUNNING     ERPAPP_R    00:00:00      00:00:00

The key solution in this case is to add trandata on the mapping schemas like this:
ADD TRANDATA <schema_name>.*

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