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What Tablespaces are Encrypted?

Tablespace Level Encryption

In this use case, DBA has done encryption infrastructure and create some encrypted tablespaces in the database. Now we would like to put some tables into one of the encrypted tablespaces, but we don't know which tablespaces are encrypted.


To check what tablespaces are encrypted in an Oracle database, we should query a dictionary view, DBA_TABLESPACES for sure. Here is the query statement that can check which tablespaces are encrypted.

SQL> select tablespace_name from dba_tablespaces where encrypted = 'YES';


As we can see, there're 2 tablespaces that can be used for our table.


To check the algorithm of encryption for those tablespaces, we may query V$ENCRYPTED_TABLESPACES.

SQL> select tablespace_name, e.encryptionalg algo from v$tablespace t, v$encrypted_tablespaces e where t.ts# = e.ts# order by 1;

------------------------------ -------
ENC_TBS01                      AES128
ENC_TBS02                      AES256

A little off-topic, do you know that why we don't use ALL_TABLESPACES dictionary view? You can take a look.

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