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Routine Backup Strategies (1/5) - All Full Backups

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Restoring a database directly from a full backup can speed up the recovery process. Some oracle databases contain small amount of data that can be fully backed up in a short time In such case, DBA can consider the strategy to back up the database with full mode everyday for faster recovery. Here are the scripts we use:

Create a new a full backup RMAN script.
[oracle@primary01 rman_scripts]$ vi full.rman
run {
archivelog all not backed up;

Create the running shell script.
[oracle@primary01 rman_scripts]$ vi
. /home/oracle/.bash_profile

rman target / @$WORK_DIR/full.rman >> $WORK_DIR/backup_log_`date +%Y%m%d`.log

Don't forget to change mode of this shell script
[oracle@primary01 rman_scripts]$ chmod u+x
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