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ORADIM Create Services and Registries


In an active/passive cluster, we usually install Oracle software and configure listener in the redundant server, then stop. This is because we don't need to create the database.

For registering the basic information of database on Windows, we can use oradim to do it. oradim is an Oracle utility mainly used for manual creating, modifying and deleting operations on Windows.

Assuming that you have copied SPFILE, password file, tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora to the redundant server. Let's see the procedure.

Here is an example which create several necessary Windows services and add required registries for the instance.

C:\Users\Administrator>oradim -NEW -SID SID -STARTMODE auto -SPFILE

Where SID can be replaced with your instance name, e.g. ORCL.

New Windows Services

New services for the database instance will be created after that. For example:

  • OracleJobSchedulerSID
  • OracleServiceSID
  • OracleVssWriterSID

You may open the service console and check services for sure.

New Windows Registries

New registries for the database instance will be added after that. For example:


If you specified the full path of initialization parameter file (PFILE) in the previous command, then you additionally have the following registry.


You may open the registry editor and check Oracle registries for sure. The navigation path is the same as we find the location of ORACLE_HOME on Windows.

The location of oradim.log

The log location of oradim is at %ORACLE_HOME%\database\oradim.log which is the same as the location of SPFILE on Windows.

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