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How to Resolve UDI-00014: invalid value for parameter


Saw error UDI-00014 when using impdp to import some tables.

[oracle@test ~]$ impdp system/password@orclpdb tables=hr.employees remap_table=hr.employees,emp_bak dumpfile=expdp-full.dmp
UDI-00014: invalid value for parameter, 'remap_table'

UDI-00014 means that the value is not acceptable for the specified parameter, you have to fix the value in order to proceed the import.

In this case, the correct format of REMAP_TABLE should be:



We should use the correct format to set the value of the parameter. In this case, we should use a semicolon (:) instead of a comma to separate the old and new table name.

[oracle@test ~]$ impdp system/password@orclpdb tables=hr.employees remap_table=hr.employees:emp_bak dumpfile=expdp-full.dmp

To remap multiple tables, we have some examples for you.

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