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How to Resolve PRVG-1359 : Daemon process "avahi-daemon" is configured on node

PRVG-1359 and PRVG-1360

Found errors PRVG-1359 and PRVG-1360 during pre-installation of Oracle RAC database 19c:

[grid@primary01 grid]$ ./ stage -pre crsinst -n primary01,primary02 -verbose
Verifying Daemon "avahi-daemon" not configured and running ...FAILED
primary01: PRVG-1359 : Daemon process "avahi-daemon" is configured on node
primary01: PRVG-1360 : Daemon process "avahi-daemon" is running on node

PRVG-1359 and PRVG-1360 mean that a third party of mDNS service, Avahi using zeroconf is found and running on the node, which is not used by Oracle.


The solution is to stop and remove the avahi service daemon from the system on all nodes if you don't use it.

[root@primary01 ~]# systemctl stop avahi-daemon
Warning: Stopping avahi-daemon.service, but it can still be activated by:
[root@primary01 ~]# systemctl disable avahi-daemon
Removed symlink /etc/systemd/system/
Removed symlink /etc/systemd/system/
Removed symlink /etc/systemd/system/dbus-org.freedesktop.Avahi.service.

And make sure NOZEROCONF=yes on all nodes.

[root@primary01 ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/network

You can proceed to your installation.

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