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How to Resolve PRKO-3032 : Invalid instance name(s)

PRKO-3032 or PRKO-03032

Tried to start one instance of a RAC database by SRVCTL utility, but it failed with PRKO-3032.

[oracle@primary01 oracle]$ srvctl start instance -d orclcdb -i orclcdb1
PRKO-3032 : Invalid instance name(s): orclcdb1

PRKO-3032 means that the instance name you specify in the command is invalid to cluster, so Oracle cannot start the instance. Sometimes, it's because that you misspelled the instance name.

In this case, I'm pretty sure the instance name is correct, so the first thought in my mind is letter-case problem again, just like we solved the letter case problem of ORA-29760 before.

Let's check the "real" instance name in cluster.

[oracle@primary01 oracle]$ srvctl config database -d orclcdb
Database instances: ORCLCDB1,ORCLCDB2


OK, it seems that we should specify a valid upper-cased instance name listed above.

[oracle@primary01 oracle]$ srvctl start instance -d orclcdb -i ORCLCDB1
[oracle@primary01 oracle]$ srvctl status database -d orclcdb1
Instance ORCLCDB1 is running on node primary01
Instance ORCLCDB2 is not running on node primary02

As you can see, we used the upper-cased instance name to start the instance. It succeeded.

To solve such Oracle problem without any clues, you might need years of experience on Oracle RAC database.

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