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How to Resolve PRCR-1025 : Resource is still running


Tried to remove a database service from the cluster, but it failed with PRCR-1025.

[oracle@primary01 ~]$ srvctl remove service -d orclcdb -s crm
PRCR-1025 : Resource ora.orclcdb.crm.svc is still running
PRCR-1025 means that the resource you want to remove form the cluster is still running, you may not delete it in this moment.


There're 2 options that you can choose to solve PRCR-1025. The first way is to stop the resource, then remove it. The second one is to remove it by force no matter what.

1. Stop then Remove

According to the error message, you had better stop the resource before actually removing it.

srvctl stop service

[oracle@primary01 ~]$ srvctl stop service -d orclcdb -s crm

srvctl status service

Make sure the service has been stopped.

[oracle@primary01 ~]$ srvctl status service -d orclcdb -s crm
Service CRM is not running.

srvctl remove service

[oracle@primary01 ~]$ srvctl remove service -d orclcdb -s crm

srvctl config service

Make sure the service has gone.

[oracle@primary01 ~]$ srvctl config service -d orclcdb

There's nothing left.

2. Remove by Force

You can add a -force or -f option to the command to remove it by force, which also implies that all dependent configuration can be ignored.

[oracle@primary01 ~]$ srvctl remove service -d orclcdb -s crm -f

To add a database service to the cluster again, you may use srvctl add service to do it.

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