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How to Resolve INS-30502 No ASM disk group found

This error is quite strange and thrown during grid infrastructure installation.
INS-30502 No ASM disk group found.
Why can not oracle access any ASM disk groups? How can it be? I tried several ways to solve the problem, only the last solution worked.
  1. Switching the group of owner of ASM disks from asmadmin to oinstall whcih is oracle default group. Not working.
  2. Adding group asmadmin to user oracle, which is the default group of grid. Not working.
  3. Adding group asmdba to user oracle. It's working.
  4. Node 1.
    [root@primary01 ~]# usermod -a -G asmdba oracle
    And Node 2.
    [root@primary02 ~]# usermod -a -G asmdba oracle
Now, you can proceed your grid installation.

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