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How to Resolve INS-08101 Unexpected Error

[INS-08101] Unexpected error while executing the action at state: 'supportedOSCheck'


Met INS-08101 when I installed Oracle database 19c on Oracle Linux 8 update 2.

[INS-08101] Unexpected error while executing the action at state: 'supportedOSCheck'

INS-08101 means that there's no CV_ASSUME_DISTID, an environmental variable set by the verification program, which is an unexpected situation. We should set one for it.


To solve this error 'supportedOSCheck', we can set environment variable CV_ASSUME_DISTID, either temporarily or permanently.


At runtime, we can export the variable.

[oracle@ora19c dbhome_1]$ export CV_ASSUME_DISTID=OEL8.1

I found that any distribution id is acceptable as long as it's valid.


Or we can uncomment the line containing the variable in the CVU configuration file. It's around line 20.

[oracle@ora19c dbhome_1]$ vi $ORACLE_HOME/cv/admin/cvu_config

Just remove the leading # (pound sign) from the line like this:


The fallback value can also work.


I recommend the latter solution, the permanent way to solve INS-08101, because you also need the variable to patch the software afterwards.

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17 thoughts on “How to Resolve INS-08101 Unexpected Error”

  1. yes
    -just execute this command $ vi /u01/app/oracle/product/19.3.0/dbhome_1/cv/admin/cvu_config
    -or go through the file explorer and open the file then

    and delete th ‘#’ sign in the ligne

    and save the file

    1. I think any minor releases in OEL 8 are also able to run Oracle 19c. If there’s any stuck, you should check installation log first.

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