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How to Install Oracle VM Server 3.4.2

First of all, you have to download the software OVS-3.4.2-1384.iso from Oracle, which is essentially a Xen OS installer. The official document for hardware requirements is at Oracle® VM Installation and Upgrade Guide for Release 3.4

Here I add some opinions to it:

  • 1 GB memory minimal. I recommend 4 GB, because every VM requires at least 1 GB memory to be created.
  • 6 GB local disk space minimal. More is better, 40 GB or above is recommended.
  • For testing purpose, you need 2 network interfaces with separate subnets on this server, one is for public and VM network, and the other is for storage connection.
  • You should enable VT-x on CPU for running VM, otherwise OVMM will throw errors on this.
  • I recommend that you install 2 servers to pair them a server pool for HA, DRS, DPM and VM migration.

The installation is just like Linux installation. There's no need to explain further.

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