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Oracle Insert Multiple Rows

Multiple Rows Insert

To insert rows into a table, you can do it one by one.

insert into fruits values ('Apple', 2);
insert into fruits values ('Banana', 1);
insert into fruits values ('Cherry', 5);

We can also insert multi-row data in a statement.

insert into fruits
    select 'Apple', 2 from dual
        union all
    select 'Banana', 1 from dual
        union all
    select 'Cherry', 5 from dual

In the above statement, we use SELECT DUAL to collect values and use UNION ALL to pack them into one set before INSERT INTO.

Let's see the result.

SQL> select * from fruits;

-------------------- ------------
Apple                           2
Banana                          1
Cherry                          5

As for INSERT ALL statement, it should be used and suitable for multi-table data insert.

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