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How to impdp AS SYSDBA without Password


Like I talked about expdp as sysdba in the previous post, we usually use system who has sufficient privileges to perform data migration between the source and the target databases.

[oracle@test ~]$ impdp system/password@targetdb parfile=table_list.par

But in some situations, we don't want to expose any password in shell scripts. For such case, we can do it impdp AS SYSDBA by OS authentication, which means no password reveals.

For example, we can import the dump file from the local instance like this:

[oracle@test ~]$ impdp \"/ as sysdba\" parfile=table_list.par

Not like the first command, we escape the double quotes in order to send the connection string as a whole to the target database.

For local importing like this, we should additionally make sure the dump files have been stored in the directory specified in the parameter DIRECTORY.

There's a complete parameter list of impdp for all releases of Oracle database can also be found in this website.

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