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How to Compare Two Databases After Migration (0/3) - An Overview

After migrating a database, you might want to know the differences between source and target database, if there's any loss, you can take actions right away. Furthermore, the source database could be vanished after a period of time, you will never see the original version of data by then. You should compare the two database right away.

There are a lot of tools can help you to do the database comparison, like SQL Developer, TOAD for Oracle, etc. If the target or source database is a large-scaled one, you can divide the comparison work into fractions.
  • Metadata comparison: As I mentioned above, there are several tools can do the comparison.
  • Data comparison: Tools might not help a lot, so we should compare by ourselves. One of the comparing items is to compare the rows of tables.
In the other articles, I will demonstrate some ways to compare the database that tools could not do.

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