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How AIX Check SWAP Paging Space

In AIX, we call SWAP as paging space, so we can list paging space by lsps.

[root@primary01 /]# lsps -a
Page Space      Physical Volume   Volume Group    Size %Used   Active    Auto    Type   Chksum
hd6             hdisk0            rootvg       16384MB     0     yes     yes      lv       0

All attributes of SWAP are listed.

To check the usage of SWAP, you may do this:

[root@primary01 /]# swap -l
device              maj,min        total       free
/dev/hd6              10,  2     16384MB     16347MB

To check configured attributes of SWAP, we output the configuration file.

[root@primary01 /]# cat /etc/swapspaces
        dev = /dev/hd6
        auto = yes
        checksum_size = 0

Next, let's see how we resize the paging space.

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