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How AIX Rendev Raw Disks into ASM Identified Names

For better identifying ASM raw devices, we can rename those default disk names into more understandable names. Let's see current disks.

[root@primary01 /]# lspv
hdisk4          none                                None
hdisk5          none                                None
hdisk6          none                                None
hdisk7          none                                None

We use rendev to rename them.

[root@primary01 /]# rendev -l hdisk4 -n ASM_DISK_1
[root@primary01 /]# rendev -l hdisk5 -n ASM_DISK_2
[root@primary01 /]# rendev -l hdisk6 -n ASM_DISK_3
[root@primary01 /]# rendev -l hdisk7 -n ASM_DISK_4

Then list them again.

[root@primary01 /]# lspv
ASM_DISK_1      none                                None
ASM_DISK_2      none                                None
ASM_DISK_3      none                                None
ASM_DISK_4      none                                None

Later on, don't forget to change the owner and permission set like this:

[root@primary01 /]# chown grid:asmadmin /dev/*ASM*
[root@primary01 /]# chmod 660 /dev/*ASM*

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