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DBA_TEMP_FREE_SPACE Might be Incorrect in Multitenant Environment

I consistently get the wrong figures about free space of temporary tablespace in database tools, so I made a research.

First of all, it's a multitenant database.

SQL> alter session set container=ORCLPDB;

Session altered.

SQL> show con_name;


And it's a 19c RAC database.

SQL> select banner from v$version;

Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

SQL> select description from dba_registry_sqlpatch;

Database Release Update : (29517242)


By the traditional way, we can check the size of temp files by querying DBA_TEMP_FILES.

SQL> column gb format 9999.99;
SQL> select sum(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 gb from dba_temp_files where tablespace_name = 'TEMP';


It's correct for 16 temp files which are all nearly full. But when we checked DBA_TEMP_FREE_SPACE, we got very confusing information:


SQL> select sum(allocated_space)/1024/1024/1024 gb from dba_temp_free_space where tablespace_name = 'TEMP';


I don't get it, for a small-file tablespace based on 8KB blocks, the max size of a file is 32GB, so the max size of this tablespace containing 16 files is no more than 512GB. Where did 723.74GB come from? Is it a bug?

2 thoughts on “DBA_TEMP_FREE_SPACE Might be Incorrect in Multitenant Environment”

  1. Yes it’s a a bug 30409201 desribed in DBA_TEMP_FREE_SPACE Shows Wrong Information on 18c (Doc ID 2633068.1) fixed in 20.1, not backportable.

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