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Creating a 11g Database Manually by Scripts (0/3) - An overview

Since we reply on DBCA to create a database for a long time, we could hardly understand how to create a database manually. Maybe in someday, you will be assigned to create a database hosted a server without x-window installed. In such case, you have two choices, one is to use our bare hands to do it from the ground, which means scripts, the other is to use DBCA with the silent mode.

In this article, we demonstrate the first method in 11g database, which is a very basic way to create a database, we can learn a lot of knowledge of database structure from this method. On the other side, we want the new database is small and compact enough to avoid affecting the performance of current running database.

There are three major parts to achieve this goal in our demonstration:
  1. Prepare three files for creating a new database.
  2. Create and check the new database.
  3. Configure local naming and password file for outside users.
For further details, please refer to the following posts:

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