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Building a Physical Standby Database (00/14) - An Overview

Building a standby database will adopt various Oracle database technologies, such as Oracle Net, RMAN backup and recovery, duplication, startup and shutdown, data guard and ASM. In the series of demonstration, we will build a standby RAC from a primary RAC, so four nodes in totals come to play.

There are so many common features to build a physical standby database across various database versions, from the top to view these features, the key feature is the sequence, if the steps in the sequence is misplaced, the result could be wrong or hard to fix. The concepts of the sequence are quite simple.
  • From bottom to top while preparation.
  • From top to bottom while creation.
Four major parts involve in the sequence, they are:
  1. Infrastructure preparation.
  2. Database preparation.
  3. Database creation.
  4. Data guard broker enablement.
Here are the steps to achieve the goal, for readability, I divide them into the four major parts as above.

A. Infrastructure preparation.

  1. Install an empty database on standby
  2. Prepare configuration files on both sides
  3. Prepare pfile for both primary and standby database

B. Database preparation.

  1. Enable force logging and archivelog on primary database
  2. Create standby redo logs on primary database
  3. Prepare standby controlfile on primary database
  4. Prepare data files on primary database

C. Database creation.

  1. Copy data files into standby database
  2. Copy standby controlfile into standby database
  3. Create standby redo logs on standby database
  4. Create spfile for both primary and standby database
  5. Recover managed standby database

D. Data guard broker enablement.

  1. Configure data guard broker
  2. Verify all settings are correct
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