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CSS Button Links

Sometimes, plain old hyper links are too dry to make web developers to use it. They may want versatile ways to decorate a link.

If you choose a button to behave a link, there are 3 ways for your references.

Enclose a <a> tag around <button>

<a href=''>
  Visit My Blog!!

The output is:

It's very easy to understand, and no form conflicts.

Use Javascript onClick to go to the destination.

<input type='button' onclick='location.href=""' value='Visit My Blog!!'>

The output is:

One input tag can do all things.

Submit a simple form to redirect to the destination.

<form action=''>
  <input type='submit' value='Visit My Blog!!'>

The output is:

It's a form actually, and it will bring you to the destination via submit.

You can see those different approaches can make the same result.

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