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Where Does MySearchDial Come From?

Where does mysearchdial come from?

After you had removed all mysearchdial related software from your Windows, you might still have no clues about where they came from. Here are my findings about "mypcbackup", "mysearchdial" and "anysend":

  1. Search "filezilla" on Google
  2. Click the first search result.
  3. Download the software from SourceForge.
  4. You can see there's a software in "Downloads" folder.
  5. Double click the execution file to proceed the installation.
  6. The certificate of the publisher seems no problem.
  7. Begin the installation.
  8. Wait, what is MyPCBackup? It's not related to Filezilla. For clarifying the root cause, I clicked "Accept" to proceed.
  9. If you don't like it, you have to click "Decline" to refuse it now.

  10. Now what? what is MySearchDial? I clicked "Accept" to proceed.
  11. If you don't like it, you have to click "Decline" to refuse it now.

  12. Even you click "Later" at the last step, they (i.e. mypcbackup and mysearchdial) insist to install into your computer.
  13. There is a "MyPC Backup" icon in the menu. This is not what I want.
  14. The homepage of your IE has been hijacked by MySearchDial. It acts like a search engine.
  15. By the way, if you have ever installed MyPCBackup, "AnySend" shows up in the installation process.

Did you see the source of MySearchDial? I think they might come from SourceForge? If you don't want them installed in your computer, you can click "Decline" to refuse the invitation in the installation process.

So, where does mysearchdial come from? I think you have the answer.

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